Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chamakam - Odd and Even Numbers

This Sloka from Chamakam if you we just read it conveys “one is with me; Three is with me” etc. In some book they interpret that all odd numbers denote the other world viz. Devas and all even numbers the assets of the world. But this interpretation which I read is like a Wiki conveys the following.
The odd numbers are tabled as:
One denotes Nature; Three denotes the qualities
Five denotes the Pancha Bhudham
Seven denotes the sensory Organs
Nine denotes the body with the nine holes
Eleven denotes the ten souls with Sookshma sareeream
Thirteen Devas; Fifteen nadis (rivers)
Seventeen limbs of the body; Nineteen medical herbs
Twenty one vulnerable parts of the body
Twenty three devas controlling the serious Diseases
Twenty Apsaras in the heaven
Twenty Seven Ghandarwas controlling the world
Twenty Nine Vidhyut Devas; Thirty one types of Worlds
Thirty three – crores of Devas
The even numbers are denoted in the following way.
Four Purusharthaas; Eight Vedas and upa Vedas
Twelve denotes Six angaas and six shastraas; Sixteen types of knowledge to be imbibed from God
Twenty Mahaa Bhoothaas; Twenty Four letters of Gayatri Mantaram;Twenty Eight Ushnik meters
Like this the table goes. Those who can develop this topic can add information for the benefit of all who view this blog.