Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why Madhyama Sruthi; When needed

There used to be a question among listeners, music lovers and students “Which ragas are to be sung in Madhyama Sruthi and Why? One of the leading Carnatic Music Vidhushi has answered for this question in the following manner.

Nadanamakriya, Shenjuruti, Navroj and Kurunji are some of the ragas sung in madhyama sruti. The range of these ragas is limited and they are mainly panchamantya, dhaivatantya or Nishadantya, i.e the sancharas do not go beyond these swaras. If sung in the regular panchama sruti, the pitch will sound very low and will have less of an impact. Of late, other ragas like Manirangu, Sindhu bhairavi and Yaman Kalyan are also being sung in madhyama sruti.

If felt the pitch would sound very low, they could raise to one or one and half pitch more. That is, if their normal sruthi is “C” , these ragas may be sung in “D” or “D#”. Why they have to scale up to “F”? The main reason is….

In the middle of the concert, the violin and the percussion instrument’s pitch cannot be scaled up by one or one and half etc., as there will be a time loss, the audience will become impatient and the harmony or the continuity of hearing the concert will be at loss.