Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flying Cars

Recently I read the following news about Flying Cars.

Flying cars are no more reserved to fictions and animations. Now, with the advent of technology we will soon have flying cars in reality. The flying car is currently being introduced for military purpose rather than everyday motorist. The flying car will possibility be released in 2015 to US soldiers. The four seater vehicle is made to suit the battle field needs and can go for 250 miles on a tank of fuel. It has the capacity to fly through the air and drive on the ground. The flying car is specially designed for the war field. It will help troops avoid traditional and unconventional threats such as ambushes, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and road obstructions.
The Pentagon has budgeted 54 million dollars so far to be spent in the development of the concept.  One of the designers said, “We’re not very far down the road. That gives you an idea about the glide path for this program”. The flying car will mark yet another wonder of technology.
By reading this news I went back to 1961 regarding the movie “The Absent Minded Professor”.
Professor Brainard is an absent-minded professor of physical chemistry at Medfield College who invents a substance that gains energy when it strikes a hard surface. This discovery follows some blackboard scribbling in which he reverses a sign in the equation for enthalpy to energy plus (rather than minus which is incorrect) pressure times volume. Brainard names his discovery Flubber, for "flying rubber". In the excitement of his discovery, he misses his own wedding to Betsy Carlisle