Sunday, May 23, 2010

நான் இன்று கற்ற புதுப் பாடம்

Today I received a mail from one of my e-friend and learnt a new word as “Netizen”.  This made me to browse more articles on such similar words. One among that is “Internaut”. 
Internaut is a common term for a designer, operator, or technically capable professional user of the Internet.
An internaut is cyber slang for an online veteran who is ultra-familiar with the Internet as an entity, and with cyberspace in general. The word is a combination of “Internet” and “astronaut.” Other terms roughly analogous with internaut are cybernaut or netizen, though each has its own connotation. The common thread among them, however, is an implication of experience and knowledge of the Internet or cyberspace that goes beyond the casual user.
An internaut is online savvy, normally through years of online experience, with a thorough knowledge of how to use search engines and search strings, Internet resources, forums, newsgroups and chat rooms to find information. The more someone knows about the Internet, its history and politics, the more likely the term “internaut” fits them. The less he or she knows the more likely a different term would be more fitting.
Cybernaut is probably closest in meaning to internaut in terms of in-depth knowledge of the online world, but which world? 'Internaut' might be a more academic term, relating to knowledge of the Internet itself and information in general. Cybernaut might be closer associated with being skilled within online gaming communities, virtual worlds such as Second Life, and other fantasy or role-playing worlds. Though there are no hard and fast rules to slang, “cybernaut” suits people who grew up with the Internet, while “internaut” might be more closely associated with those who took a hand in building it and/or in witnessing its growth.
A netizen, or citizen of the Internet, also has a specific connotation that implies someone familiar with netiquette. Enthusiasts of USENET newsgroups and Web forums realize that these forums rely on voluntary cooperation. Before participating in a forum, a good netizen will read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and general charter in order to participate within the community (group) in a way that supports it. An internaut or cybernaut would also know to do this. A netizen, however, may or may not have any special knowledge of the Internet or of gaming………………..  Courtesy Wiki