Thursday, June 10, 2010

Double Edged Knife

The rapid and unprecedented advancement of technology has aroused a debate ever since it is felt developing. Has our dependency on technology inviting even more complicated problems in the days to come?
This is the information age. The advent of the Internet has made global communication inexpensive and available to everyone. It has affected the very way we communicate and transact. The information age has made businesses compete in an almost level playing field. These days, you can have your website optimized by an SEO expert so that the website can even be read in welsh. We are in the days where we can purchase things using our personal computer, where we can talk, hear and see loved ones or ones we want to love over web cameras. The convergence of technology has made cell phones become almost a part of us and overseas telephone communication cost has gone down especially with telephony and the like. We are all connected in that sense and the cost of personal computers have gone down to sub 30000 rupees and even sub 500 dollar levels. You can even get a pretty good net book for less than 20000 rupees. The question is if we are too dependent on technology these days?
The web pages and allied gadgets make us know about the lurking dangerous around us as well as educate criminals how to cheat the humanity. One such gadget is given below.
When we travel in train or in Air, we have to be doubly cautious and we should not take all the co-passengers as good people.  

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