Saturday, April 9, 2011

Koda Koda Maami

In 60s my uncle used to make fun of me that I am doing “koda koda mami work” whenever I draw some pictures by seeing some magazines or do some projects for my children for their school curriculum. That Mami used to create wall hangings and table top articles from old calendars and pictures available in the house. Those days only scissors, gum and white chart boards were available for affordable price. With that she could do so many artistic and creative wall hangings. The extension of this is nothing but Collage.

A collage is a work of formal art, primarily in the Visual Arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.
A collage may include newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or hand-made papers, portions of other artwork, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas. The origins of collage can be traced back hundreds of years, but this technique made a dramatic reappearance in the early 20th century as an art form of novelty.

Now I continue that “cut and paste” in electronic media viz. in blog.