Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ASHTAPATHI-17 ஹரி ஹரி யாஹி மாதவ யாஹி கேசவ

While narrating the nineteenth ashtapthi, we used to tell the story behind writing it and about the Sringararasam in that poetry.  But this seventeenth ashtapathi depicts more.
अथकथमपि यामिनीं विनीयस्मरशरजर्जरितापिसाप्रभाते।
अनुनयवचनं वदन्तमग्रे प्रणतमपि प्रियमाह साभ्यसूयम्

Thereafter Radha somehow or other managed to pass the night. When morning came, Krishna fell at her feet and tried to pacify her wrath with humble words. Although Radha was severely injured by the arrows of cupid, on seeing her dear lover present before her in a submissive mood and expressing his feelings of separation, she began to speak to him in a jealous temper – translated by Sri Srimad Bakthivedantha Narayana  Maharaj - Founder Acharya of ISkcon.
We need not read the actual translation and gossiping about the  Almighty like an atheist but instead  learn that there is a moral in this song which being conveyed in the last stanza.
शृणुत सुधामधुरं विबुधा विबुधालयतोऽपि दुरापम्

Thus has Jayadeva chronicled the wailings of the Khandita( one who has been spurned by the lover who courts another young woman)  Let the wise and learned hear this song, sweet as nectar and difficult to get even in heaven “O Madhava” etc.