Friday, September 28, 2012


This Ashtapathi with the sloka is a dialogue between Radha and her Sakhi. Both are moved during their conversation and hence tuned in Punnagavarali raga in “Vilamba Kaal”.

Radha continued to express her anxious longing in the great distress of separation.  When Krishna did not come, she concluded that this despondent faced messenger-girl (Duthe) must be to be blamed. The sakhi told Radha, “My dear friend, I called him many times, but he is so merciless that he did not come.” 
The first half of this verse is a dialogue between Radha  and her companion. Now, Radha has become paranoid that her messenger who went to bring Krishna returned after making love with him herself. Therefore Radha calls Krishna merciless, two-faced cheater and so on. “What an uncouth rustic he is. He doesn’t even know the difference between a heroine and a messenger girl!”