Friday, April 30, 2010

Krack Jack Biscuit

People of all ages and cultures respond to humour. The majority of people are able to experience humour, i.e., to be amused, to laugh or smile at something funny, and thus they are considered to have a sense of humour. The humour is decided by personal taste, the extent to which an individual will find something humorous depends upon a host of variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education, intelligence and context. The humour induced behaviour is considered to be very healthy and it is a "gift from God".
A ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person, taken to be capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living. Is ghosts are dreadful. We will ask Crazy Mohan in a crazy way.
The humour and Ghost will go like “Krack Jack” biscuit for Crazy Mohan. I enjoyed reading 
this short skit written by him. Hope you will also bite the biscuit or bite your nails with horror.