Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nevada Shoe Tree

There are many cultural beliefs among the people of India.
One can notice yellow threads covering the trees in many temples in south India. So why do people tie holy threads to trees in south Indian temples?
In general, people tie red and yellow threads to the temple trees to get their wishes fulfilled. The south Indian temples have trees where women tie a bangle with a holy thread and stick a bindi when asking for a mannat (granting of a wish)

Women who aspire for a son, tie a cradle to the tree and it is believed that most of them beget children. They untie the thread after the fulfilment of their wishes. Women decorate the trees with sandal and turmeric paste, kumkum, flowers and offer camphor too.
In another scenario, the unmarried women pray with devotion and faith to the god wishing for a happy married life and so they tie a yellow thread around the Tree.
We feel it is infamous in tossing a pair of shoes into a tree as we consider the trees are holy in nature..
Do you know about this “Nevada Shoe Tree”?

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