Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Common Uncommon Therapy - Zero Therapy

The Experts say “Uncommon common sense is Zero Therapy.”
If so what is “Zero Therapy?”
Zero Therapy is a life style most near the natural life style.
It is a science beyond science.
It is for the world Scientists to find out 
“what Science is this?”
The liver and the brain communicate all the time online, being chemical factories 
(This is the reason alcohol simultaneously damages liver (liquid) and brain (smell)). 
This two communicate through chemicals.
Other organs communicate like electrical connections.
The cow brought up in a traditional life style never eats garlic.
However, over a period animals have changed their bodies and in turn working of the system. Ayurveda has brought in this as a medicine and for treating the so called disease but in fact it does not do anything good for emotional or spiritual health.
Even the use of tooth paste, soap, shampoo, or medicines is completely taboo in this form of therapy.
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