Sunday, February 20, 2011

Social activity cuts disability risk

Youngsters used to make fun of “Oldies” that the main avocation for old people is to go for Pilgrimage or attending religious get together or attending religious discourses etc. This is being adopted by Indians for so many years and they were having a sound 80 / 90 years of life span. Now that the westerner’s have clinically approved this habit which makes the present youngsters and middle aged people to accept.
Most of the youngsters who belong to the “X”, “Y” and “Echo Boomers” generation of our country will accept any of our religious practices only if it is proved scientifically, including the medicinal effects of cow dung “Panchakavyam” and the “Punyavachanam”.

Here is the Google news about this fact.
Social activity cuts disability risk
Higher levels of social activity decrease the risk of developing disability in old age, according to a new study at Rush University Medical Center. 
The study included 954 older adults with a mean age of 82 who are participating in the Rush Memory and Aging Project, an ongoing longitudinal study of common chronic conditions of aging. At the start of the investigation, none of the participants had any form of disability. They each underwent yearly evaluations that included a medical history and neurological and neuropsychological tests. 
Social activity was measured based on a questionnaire that assessed whether, and how often, participants went to restaurants, sporting events or the teletract (off-track betting) or played bingo; went on day trips or overnight trips; did volunteer work; visited relatives or friends; participated in groups such as the Knights of Columbus; or attended religious services.