Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nanak's grandh "Rama Sumira Rama Sumira"

Somewhere during the 1980s, it was one of those afternoons, when Mama (Guruji Nadhamuni Narayana Aiyangar) asked me “Are you free? Can you come along with me?”  As I am used to his surprise calls of this type, I immediately agreed.  I was sure I am in for a delightful and memorable musical outing.   I have had the privilege of attending numerous musical events, be it the ancient classical concert, Namasankeertanam or Sant Bhajan.  I have had the experience of being immersed into the un-adultered original musical renderings of the yesteryears by renowned and realized musicians.   In the end I always gained by rubbing shoulders with grand old artists whose very presence would create music in us.  This time it was a Sikh Bhajan in the Gurdhwara at G N Chetty Road, T’Nagar.  The two durban worn Sardarji-s clad in their traditional dress were singing to the accompaniment of self-played harmonium in a rustic but beautifully pitched (C# octave) voice.  A few other Sardarji-s were following them.  I was enthralled by the style, voice and the original way of rendering those traditional bhajan songs of Guru Nanak. I was not permitted to follow them, as was the custom. I mused ‘one day I will sing like this’.  Five decades of singing in Bhajans and playing harmonium for important musicians gave me enormous scope to horn my skills.  The good music in me is due to the grace of Guruji Narayana Aiyangar (Mama) who helped grow the seeds inherited from my beloved father.
I dedicate this song to Sarvashree "Ragasri Raghavan" and "Nadhamuni Narayanan.