Friday, March 22, 2013

Mahanirvana Tantra - Kali as Ultimate Reality

Kali’s  blackness symbolizes her all-embracing, comprehensive nature, because black is the color in which all other colors merge; black absorbs and dissolves them. Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her (Mahanirvana Tantra). Or black is said to represent the total absence of color, again signifying the nature of Kali as ultimate reality. This in Sanskrit is named as Nirguna (beyond all quality and form). Either way, Kali’s black color symbolizes her transcendence of all form.

கருப்பு நிறம் என்றால் காளி என்பர். அறிவியல் ஆய்வின் படி எல்லா நிறங்களும் கருப்பு நிறத்தில் அடங்கிவிடும். ஒரு அன்பர் எனக்கு சவமாய் படுத்த நிலையில் உள்ள சிவன் மேல் நின்று தாண்டவமாடும் ஒரு காட்சியும், அதற்கு காளியின் ஸ்வரூபத்தில் அகில உலகமும் அடங்கிவிடும் என்ற ஐதீகத்தினையும் மின் அஞ்சல் வழியாக அனுப்பியிருந்தார்.  இதற்கான தத்துவதையும் அதன் பின் அமைந்த இதிஹாஸ புராணத்தையும் மின் வலையில் தேடினேன். அதன் சுருக்கம் 
Goddess Kali standing on Shiva is a popular image in Hindu tradition. Legend has it that after defeating Mahishasura and other demons, Goddess Kali was still outraged at the Adharma on earth. She continued destroying everything before her. All living beings were foreseeing eternal doom. To escape from the wrath of Goddess Kali they approached Shiva.
To stop Goddess Kali from destroying the cosmos, Shiva went into the battlefield and lied down motionless among the corpses of demons. Goddess Kali moved across the corpses destroying and cutting them into pieces, suddenly she found herself standing on top of a beautiful male body. For a moment she stood still and then she looked down at the body and saw it was Shiva, her husband.
When she realized she was touching her husband with her feet, Goddess Kali stretched out her tongue in shame and the destruction came to an end. Shiva then pacified the Goddess and danced with her. Together they started creation again and made the world free of Adharma.