Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Female Breadwinners Have A Lot On Their Plate

A female breadwinner of the family undergoes a variety of emotions. Control, independence, ambition, pressure, worry, guilt and resentment are the ranges of emotions that she has to deal with. Women enjoy having the power of control and independence. Power and independence are valued by women as part of their identities. They are also manifested by goal-setting and a strong drive to achieve them. However, women also face the cultural expectation of taking care of children, even when they are working. Female breadwinners also have to deal with guilt and resentment as they struggle with societal and personal expectations of themselves and their partners or in-laws. Knowing these essential experiences of female breadwinners may help them to create and manage their own identities. The female breadwinner is an increasingly important and common role in contemporary society. They have a positive impact on the family  relationships, individual identities, and organisational policies.