Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 (NDM-1)

நமது உடம்பை தாக்கும் / தாக்கின கிருமிகளிடத்திலிருந்து காப்பாற்ற Antibiotic மருந்துகளை வைத்தியர்கள் நமக்கு தருகிறார்கள். இப்பொழுது வளர்ந்துவரும் NDM-1 என்ற கிருமிகளிடமிருந்து நாம் தப்பிப்பதற்கு மருத்துவர்கள் என்ன ஆலோசனை கூறப்போகிறார்கள்.

This week, it is reported that a new strain of drug-resistant bacteria has emerged on the Indian subcontinent. 
The germs in question are common gut bacteria, which have been modified by a gene called NDM-1 (New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1). 
Alarmingly, this modification makes bacteria such as E.coli completely resistant to all known antibiotics  -  even to the 'weapon of last resort', a group of drugs called the carpabenems, which are usually held in reserve for grave emergencies and infections by highly-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. 
More worryingly, the NDM-1 gene was found to be present on plasmids -  bits of DNA which can easily be copied and transferred between different species of bacteria. You can know more on this here