Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8th Ashtapathy - Jayadeva Draws Krishna's Separation from Radha

Bewildered by love for Radha, Krishna was sitting in a dense grove on the Yamuna Riverside feeling deeply depressed. Radha’s dear friend began to speak to him as follows.

“Yamuna Tira Vaneera Nikunje Mandam Asthitham
Praha Prema Bharodh Bhrantam Madhavam Radhika Sakhi”
Impelled by loneliness prior to meeting, Radha revealed her friend about the burning desire to meet Krishna. After consoling Radha with reassuring words, that Sakhi set off to find Krishna. Sakhi found Krishna going insane with anxiety in the absence of Radha as he sat in a rattan-cane grove (Vetasi Nikunja) on the Yamuna riverside. Then Radha’s intimate friend spoke to Madhava that is being drawn in Jayadeva's eighth Ashtapathi.