Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9th Ashtapathy-Jayadeva sketches Radha's Anguish

A picture of Radha’s pitiful condition is being painted by her intimate companion. Radha is exactly like a deer when she is bereft of Krishna’s  association. This fair-complexioned Radha resides in the forest, considering it to be her home. Being scorched by separation from her beloved, she wants to flee, but the net of the hunter-like Sakhis is spread out before her. Her movements thus restricted, she continuously feels frustrated. Even her dear most Sakees seem to be fettering her like deer-hunters equipped with a trap. As a deer becomes alarmed and confused upon seeing a forest fire, similarly, she does not know what to do when her long breaths mix with the heat of her body and set her ablaze like a firebrand.