Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Dear Blog readers               8th August 2012

On 30th July 2012 under the caption “Raaga  and  Music  are one but countries are  different”, I have  embedded “Rohail Hyatt’s” Jaag Musafir song.  I gave a comment that it is hindustany equivalent of “Hamir Kalyani”.
Sri.T.S.R.Krishnan of Los Angeles  suggested that it can either be Mayamalavagoulam  or Saveri of Carntic music.
In the beginning the musician starts with “Vagulaparanam” nishadham  and then in middle of the song he punches with mayamalavagoulam nishadham. In any case the findings of Sri.T.S.R.Krishnan  are correct. I stand corrected.
I am thankful to the readers for giving encouragements .

                                     Ragasri Chingan