Monday, August 27, 2012

Ullathil Nalla Ullam - Karnan

Some of the blog viewers who could not read the Tamil version of my earlier post, requested for a translation and hence this post. I thank Mr.Sridhar, Yoga Guru, for his nice translation of this post ”ஏணிப்படிகளில் மாந்தர்கள். By this I could now know that he is not only a Yoga Guru but a Scholarly Linguist.

Ladders among the humans

Even though there are parents, today, who push their wards hard in learning the carnatic music along with the already heavily loaded academic routine, Music, which gets into their sharp super-computer brains and into their blood stream, stands out as a great art, in a way that it takes its students to greater heights with fame be it in the middle age and integration with the Divine in the old age.  Some songs move us with emotion without our being aware of it, because of the lyrics, music and rendering. The following is one such example.

You heard the young Gautam, who is learning music with devotion with Smt Sesha Nambirajan sacrificing his youthful play. Gautum entered the top 7 in the  Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 due to his in born music talent coupled with forceful encouragement of his parents and the devoted teaching of his music teacher. His achievement is no doubt due to his sheer hard work.
 The two important innovations right from the Mohenjo-Daro Harappa civilization time is the ladder and wheel which is responsible for the advancement of humanity. Wheel and Ladder are considered as important as the wealth and education for our advancement. 
 If the students in Tuticorin and elsewhere worship their teachers, who are the Ladders among the humans, they will be bestowed with the eight-fold wealth without any doubt.
 I was attracted and moved when the parents of Gautum thanked his music teacher during this reality show. Let us all pray for this lad to reach greater heights in Music.