Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arunachala Siva Arunachala Siva

அருணாசல சிவ
அருணாசல சிவ அருணாசல சிவ
அருணாசல சிவ அருண சிவா

அக்ஷய லிங்கா ஆத்ம லிங்கா

தேஜோமய விக்ரஹ லிங்கா

இஹ பர ஸுகதாயக ஈசா

இஹ பர ஸுகதாயக

The Ragaa of this naamavali may be Jog.

Jog is a North Indian Raaga belonging to Kafi Thaat.  It is one of the most popular ragas appearing often in films. Raga Jog omits both the second interval, Re, and the sixth interval, Dha, making it pentatonic, or Audav in nature. In ascending, it uses Theevra Ga, and in descending, it uses both Theevra, and Komal Ga. It takes Raga Tilang for its base which itself is derived from Khamaj. The key idea here is the insertion of the Komal Gandhar in Tilang's flow through a vakra avarohi prayoga. 
Pramadavanam Vendum from His Highness Abdullah, one of the best Malayalam song has been tuned with the raga Jog. The music is by Mr.Raveendran and sung by Yesudas