Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Science and Upanishads

Whatever we see about the secrets of life, with the latest modern scientific gadgets available, are being told about three or four thousands of years back itself in our Upanishads.
Lord Srirama had preached Lord Aanjaneya one hundred and eight Upanishads in Mukthikopa Nishad. (Book on 108 upanishadsaaram of Sri.Anna)  Of which the following are important ones viz. Easa, Kena, Kata, Prasna, Mundaka, Maandookya, Aidhareya, Thaithreeya, Brahadharanya, Brahma, Kaivalya, Jaapaala, Svethaasvadhara, Hamsa, Aruni, Naarayana and Garbha.
In one of the slokas of Garbobhanishad, the transition of conceiving of an offspring to the child birth, has been narrated in a vivid manner. This narration matches exactly what the modern gadgets show about this. The link is given below. The sloka with the meaning are given below for reference.