Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Sixer !! - Guru

‘When I had ego, guru was not there. I attained a guru, ego vanished. The path of love is narrow. It cannot accommodate both ego and God in one place ! This is the doha of Kabir.

1. What can I give in return,so great is the Name of  Ram?
    What gift of mine could please the Guru?
    The wish remains [unfulfilled] in my heart
    No bounty equal to spiritual awakening,
    There is no greater Benefactor than Hari;
    No community equal to that of Hari's devotees.
3. If the Guru be blind the disciple is born blind:
   When the blind lead the blind both fall into well!
4. I was drowning but I was saved
    when the Guru's wave rose up;
    I saw the vessel fall to pieces
    and I myself jumped clear!
5. To find the Guru is a great boon: without Him, you are lost,
    As the moth attracted by the lamp's flame
    falls into it in full knowledge! .
6. Maya is the Lamp, man is the moth,
    circling arround [the flame], he falls:
   Says Kabir, thanks to the Guru's wisdom; a few are saved.