Sunday, April 21, 2013

Music Links People Globally

Shri Thiruvaiyaru Krishnan, popularly known as TSR Krishnan in LA, who is regularly giving concerts, naamasankeerthanam and conducting group music of various renowned “Carnatic Vaagyeyakaras” in Chinmaya Misssion, Shiva Vishnu Temple, Livermore, Hindu Temple of Kern Country, SIMA Los Angeles, US has circulated a mail in praise of violinists viz. Arun and Shiva.
Dear Friends and family:
I felt that it is time I shared with you all, my immense happiness about two of my favorites in this part of the world - about children who are multi faceted/talented, (always) children in my heart but respected adults in the Global Music World.
Arun is already an accredited grand violinist and Shiva, his kid brother is effortlessly reaching the charts as a sought-after accompanist. 
Both boys are brought up with samskAram, soft spoken, and are blessed with humility which is becoming a rare trait (more so in India and to some lesser extent in the rest of the world).
Arun has been a software specialist and working in So Cal but globe-trots as a musician performing all over, especially about 20+ concerts in Madras Music annual Season; 
As a varsity student, he has been an A'capella hero and a fusion artist in demand; 
Very conventionally trained under the great M C and now under Delhi S, he also underwent rigorous western violin training for years - thus making him a sought after Violin Artist; 
He played music score in a Tamil movie and sang in it too; has a few albums in the carnatic music world...the list is long.
His younger sister VANi is already an up and coming vocalist often seen (with Ranjani/Gayatri) in the Madras Music Circuit for a couple of years now and occasionally visits the US! (settled in Chennai after her undergrad in the US).
Shiva is an UCLA student in hot demand (Best male solo violinist in Anahat 2011 and best vocalist in 2012 in the Bay area); similar pedigree and a young musician in great demand.
Arun was one of the grand accompanists in the South Indian Music Academy (LA) performance on December 1, 2012 (the full live recording will be posted shortly).

Don't think that they are simply ordinary folk entrapped in self imposed confinement of 'purism'. They are avid learners and can enjoy and reproduce any music through their fingers.They are as much an ustAd in (Indian) Film music and western tracks, as facile as they could capture a large audience by their classical concerts.

The Rest is for the reading and listening - See below: